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Don’t Let Your Precious Memories Fade Away.

They tell the story of your life, the history of your family, the memories you have shared over a lifetime. Essential and irreplaceable, they are images to treasure and pass down from generation to generation. And, yet, they’re vulnerable to the damaging effects of UV light.

UV light is a photo’s worst enemy. It causes paper to yellow, images to fade away, and, once the damage is done, it can be irreversible. UV light comes not just from the sun, but from every light source in your home. Whatever the source, we can protect the images you value most.

We can custom frame your art using the best framing products available, including Tru Vue® Conservation Grade Glazing that provides unsurpassed 99% UV protection.

So, don’t let your memories fade away. Visit us for a personal consultation. We can help you select framing and glazing of enduring quality that will showcase the beauty of your image, and protect your memories for years to come.

Photos don’t have to be old to be at risk. Even recent photos can fade away from UV damage, like the above example. The restored picture below is now being protected with Tru Vue®Conservation Grade Glazing.

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